Anna Thompson - Tattoo Artist

Meet the Anna Thompson, a true visionary and tattoo artist with a passion for art and detail. Anna Thompson doesn't just create tattoos; she weaves stories on the canvas of your skin. As a captivating individual, Anna Thompson embraces each piece with a unique blend of creativity and precision, ensuring that your body art not only reflects your identity but becomes a masterpiece in its own right. It's not just about the ink; it's about the journey, the connection, and the artistry that makes her a standout in the world of tattooing. Contact Anna Thompson, or call 813-403-4375 the person behind the ink, and let her craft your unforgettable story.

Mark - Tattoo Artist

Meet the Mark or call 813-403-4375 Visit Mark to see the person behind the ink, and let his craft your unforgettable story.

Jaimie - Tattoo Artist

Jaimie transforms people’s lives through her beauty-enhancing
permanent make-up, 3D areola restoration, and scar camouflaging.
Jaimie has continuously honed and expanded her skills over her
successful 25-year career of helping people express their true beauty.
Jaimie uses her unique skills in permanent make-up, including eyebrows
for both men and women and eyeliner enhancements, to not only
enhance but restore her client’s facial beauty to the image they want.
Jaimie works hand-in-hand in tailored sessions to meet her client’s

In 2018, Jaimie wanted to expand her skills and help people with
disfiguring medical issues. Jaimie dedicated herself to learning a new
area of beauty enhancement and became certified in 3D areola
restoration and scar camouflaging in 2020. Jaimie loves helping
individuals regain their confidence and feel whole again after undergoing
breast reconstruction or augmentation, as well as minimizing the
appearance of scars.

Jaimie is now embarking on a new journey by joining a prestigious tattoo
studio where she will expand her unique skills and artistry to helping
people express their personalities through body art.

Jaimie is warm and compassionate and takes the time to understand her
client's desires and concerns, ensuring that each treatment is tailored to
their specific needs. Her ability to create a safe and comfortable
environment allows her clients to relax and fully enjoy their experience.



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